Cleaning APC HVAC Duct Detectors

  • Each installation location must be assessed on its own merits. If the protected area is of a very dirty nature then the SL-2000 Duct unit(s) will have to be checked and cleaned on a quarterly basis or when cleaning is required.
  • As a guideline the smoke detector head should be cleaned every six months or as required. The best methods of cleaning are to vacuum the detector head thoroughly or to blow the detector head out using clean, dry compressed air.
  • Do not use chemicals or non-conforming air to clean the detector head housing as this could contaminate the detector head and damage the casing.
  • Sensing tubes must be inspected and cleaned in accordance with the
  • schedule as determined above, to allow the free flow of air through both inlet and exhaust tubes.
  • Consult your local code and AHJ requirements for required maintenance schedules.